Clown mask shooter kills victim at a motel

HOUSTON, TX – In a tragic event, a 31-year-old man was shot to death at a motel in southeast Houston on Monday morning, marking the second loss for his grieving mother within a span of 15 years. The deceased, father of five Liquorian Robertson, was murdered around 1:20 a.m. at the Diamond Inn in the 8900 block of the Gulf Freeway near Canniff Street.

Houston police reported they have footage of the suspect, characterized as dressed in a dark blue hoodie and a clown mask. As per the account of the officers, the assailant approached Liquorian, who was inside his car.

The shooter proceeded to fire more than ten rounds directly at him before fleeing northbound on the Gulf Freeway service road.

Drawn from the position of the shooter behind Liquorian’s vehicle, the latter was gunned down on-site. Despaired over the loss, Veronica Robertson, mother of the victim, implored for the justice of her son. She further revealed that this was the second loss for her family, as another son was killed 13 years ago.

The motive behind the devastating shooting incident is still unknown at this stage. Houston local authorities are urging anyone possessing valid information about the incident to come forward.