Dad gets in shootout with car thieves outside his home

WINNETKA, IL – An Illinois homeowner reported engaging in a shootout with attempted car thieves outside his home early Monday morning, May 27. The incident took place in the 400 block of Sheridan Road in Winnetka, according to a post from the local police department.

The man, who is a father of five, was awakened by the sound of his car starting. He found three unidentified individuals attempting to steal two of his vehicles, a Range Rover and a Maserati. Reports indicate that the perpetrators had broken into the house and stolen the car keys from his garage.

With his children asleep inside his home, the man confronted the thieves and threatened to use his weapon. The confrontation escalated into gunfire when one of the suspects shot at the homeowner, who returned the fire.

Winnetka Police Department confirmed the exchange of gunfire but stated no injuries were reported. Two of the suspects fled the scene of the crime in a vehicle, while the other fled on foot.

Descriptions of the suspects were vague with the only identifiable features being dark clothing and masks. The vehicle used by the fleeing suspects was believed to be a four-door silver Audi Sedan.

Residents in the area, considered safe and relatively crime-free, expressed their shock and concern over the event. The best course of action, a nearby resident, Tim Connell suggested, would have been to let the thieves take the car and address the matter later.