Disturbing Surveillance Footage Shows Man Shooting Coworker Inside Convenience Store

Co-worker killed in front of his young son at a Buffalo convenience store in a shocking incident that was captured on surveillance footage. On Tuesday, around 3:30 pm, the barefoot man, later identified as Abdul Hussein, 25, a store employee, was making a purchase at Sears Food Enterprise on Broadway near Sears Street.

Suddenly, Hussein got into a heated argument with his co-worker, Tawfaik Alsheari, 62, and eventually picked up a rifle and fired at him, shooting him in the head.

The victim’s son was standing nearby and warned his father about the gun. Alsheari was hit and fell to the ground, and the boy ran behind the counter, terrified. Meanwhile, Hussein inexplicably began looking for a snack from a shelf, then proceeded to wash his hands, and grab something to eat. He seated himself on a nearby chair, licking his hands as the victim lay motionless.

After the incident, Hussein was arrested and arraigned on Wednesday and was charged of murder. He was held without bail after his arrest. He’s scheduled to appear in court on Monday for a felony hearing.

The victim’s ex-wife, Melissa Alsheari, expressed her shock and outrage that the graphic video has been shared on Facebook. She is calling on people to remove the video, which depicts the gruesome murder of her ex-husband.

The victim’s family is horrified that the video is being circulated on social media and fear that her twin daughters will come across it.

Facebook has placed the video behind a sensitive content warning and allowed it to remain on the platform because it does not violate its standards. The social media company told WGRZ that it only removes violent content when a family member requests it.

The victim’s family and friends are calling for justice, and the accused is awaiting trial.