Ex-employee makes bomb threat at Las Vegas restaurant

A former employee of RPM Italian restaurant, located in the Forum Shops at Caesars, has been arrested on suspicion of threatening to bomb the premises and conduct a mass shooting. 31-year-old Jonathan Bonilla was taken into custody on Saturday, following his disturbing communications with the restaurant’s chef.

Bonilla, previously employed as a dishwasher, was terminated on May 8 after failing to show up to work due to his incarceration. On the day of the incident, the chef received several phone calls from Bonilla, which began around 1 p.m. The former dishwasher voiced his discontent about his termination and issued a series of threats.

Bonilla reportedly expressed his intention to demolish the well-known Las Vegas Strip eatery using explosives, and further escalated the situation by stating he would arrive armed with Glocks and AK-47 firearms with a plan to open fire. His threats also extended to the chef personally, and even his family.

The chef observed that during the initial calls, Bonilla appeared inebriated, slurring his words. As the communication continued, the ex-dishwasher started uttering disturbing statements. He even produced what the chef described as eerie sounds, akin to growls.

During one of the calls, Bonilla requested a VIP table reservation for 14 guests. His language, however, turned abusive and he declined to provide contact information. The chef asked him to cease his calls and disconnected.

While attempting to contact the police for assistance, the chef was redirected to a non-emergency line and was kept on hold for approximately 45 minutes. During this period, Bonilla made another call to the restaurant, requesting to speak with the chef.

Bonilla was eventually identified as the recent ex-employee, leading to his arrest at Manor Suites apartments. He faces allegations of communicating a bomb threat. His preliminary hearing is set to occur on June 6th in Las Vegas Justice Court.