Florida Dad Shoots Naked Roommate After Catching Him Sleeping in His Daughter’s Bed

A man from Florida has been charged with multiple offenses after police say he fired a gun at his roommates.

Dayne Victor Miller, 44, called the police to report that he had shot at his two adult roommates through a closed bedroom door.

Miller allegedly opened fire after learning that one of the roommates was naked in his teenage daughter’s room.

According to the report, Miller’s daughter had informed him that there was a naked man in her room. The two roommates, who are married, claimed that they accidentally entered the daughter’s room after consuming a lot of alcohol.

The other roommate reportedly yelled out that they were in the wrong room after Miller’s daughter alerted her father.

Before firing his gun at the couple, Miller allegedly shouted, “I’ll kill you!” The couple reported that Miller fired his handgun three or four times into the floor just outside their closed bedroom door.

Miller was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one weapons offense. As of Friday morning, he remains in custody at the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.