Georgia Woman Convicted of Killing Fiancé and Living with His Dead Body for Months

A 46-year-old woman from Georgia, Tabitha Zelida Wood, was found guilty on Friday of murdering her fiancé, concealing his death, and continuing to live with his body for two months before authorities discovered the crime. The verdict was reached by a Hall County jury, following a trial that revealed shocking details about the case, as reported by WSB-TV.

The investigation began when Leroy Franklin Kramer Jr.’s stepdaughter expressed concern for his well-being in June, after being unable to contact him for several months. Responding to her report, Hall County Sheriff’s deputies visited Kramer’s residence. When they arrived, they found his lifeless body.

Tabitha Wood informed the deputies that her 82-year-old fiancé had passed away in early April, and she had been living with his remains ever since. An autopsy conducted by the sheriff’s office determined that Kramer’s death was a homicide, with the preliminary cause of death identified as a combination of blunt and sharp force trauma.

After a thorough examination of the case, the jury convicted Wood of multiple criminal charges. These charges include violence-related charges such as malice murder, felony murder, and aggravated assault. He has also been convicted of exploitating an elderly person, concealing a death, and card theft.