Gunman Fatally Shoots Ex-Girlfriend, Her Mother, and Himself in Shocking Murder-Suicide

In a tragic turn of events on Friday evening, a man identified as Jeffrey Carlson, 54, opened fire on his ex-girlfriend, Leslie Barrack, 51, and her mother, Susan High, 79. He shot both of the women before ultimately taking his own life.

The incident occurred in a residence on California Avenue and resulted in a tense confrontation with West Precinct Sergeant Michael Hunnicutt.

Minutes after the shooting, Sergeant Hunnicutt encountered Carlson walking on 54th Avenue while still holding his weapon. The officer issued commands for Carlson to show his hands, stop walking, and put the firearm down. However, Carlson instead shot himself under the chin.

Body camera footage revealed that Sergeant Hunnicutt fired a single round from his pistol just after Carlson’s self-inflicted gunshot, but it did not hit the shooter. Despite efforts to render aid by Hunnicutt and other arriving officers, Carlson succumbed to his self-inflicted wound shortly after being taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Earlier in the evening, a 911 call alerted authorities to a shooting at the residence of Carlson’s ex-girlfriend- Leslie Barrack.

Upon arrival, first responding officers discovered Barrack’s mother, Susan High, critically injured with multiple gunshot wounds in front of the home. High was rushed to Vanderbilt, where she remains in critical condition.

Moments later, officers found Barrack, also injured from the shooting, in the rear of 1529 52nd Avenue, where neighbors were providing aid.

Detectives were able to interview Barrack, who recounted that upon arriving home late that afternoon, she found Carlson already inside the house. He immediately shot her, prompting Barrack to flee through the rear door of the residence. It is currently believed that High was shot next, escaping through the front door before collapsing.

Carlson also fled the scene through the front door, subsequently attempting and failing to carjack a vehicle in the process.

Witnesses in the neighborhood who observed the chaotic scene provided a description of the gunman to 911, allowing Sergeant Hunnicutt and other West Precinct officers to locate Carlson quickly.

Prior to this tragic event, the MNPD had not received any domestic violence reports involving the parties involved.