Man charged with hate crime after shooting neighbor

LOCKPORT TOWNSHIP, IL – Illinois resident, John P. Shadbar, was charged with committing a hate crime following the alleged shooting of his neighbor. Authorities claim the assault was racially motivated.

Will County Sheriff’s deputies were alerted to a report of gunfire in Lockport Township at around 5:37 p.m. last Tuesday. Upon arrival, they were informed that the victim, a 45-year-old woman named Melissa Robertson, had been gunned down by her neighbor. As eyewitnesses recounted, Shadbar allegedly shot Robertson multiple times, while roaming his property armed with a rifle. They believe he fired numerous rounds from various locations outside.

The entire act was captured by area security cameras. Based on this and other evidence, the Sheriff’s office has deemed the attack racially provoked.

Responding deputies administered life-saving procedures to the victim, and she was rushed to a hospital in a critical state. Report says Robertson was shot in her chest and hand, and though she underwent surgery, she is currently recovering.

The family members revealed that they have faced incessant harassment from Shadbar since moving into their home a decade ago. Further detailing the long-standing harassment, the family stated Shadbar would often fire his firearm in his yard and throw fireworks between their residences.

Shadbar allegedly barricaded himself in his house post-shooting, ultimately surrendering after discussions with a crisis negotiator.