Man gets his hand chopped off by sword-wielding attacker

California police are probing an uncanny case involving a severed hand discovered on a sidewalk, believed to be the aftermath of an altercation involving a sword.

The peculiar incident unfolded on Saturday in Riverside, a city situated approximately 50 miles southeast of Los Angeles. Police received multiple calls shortly before 10:30 p.m., all reporting a hand found lying on the sidewalk.

Later the same evening, a local hospital alerted the police of a patient in their care, a 60-year-old man, who was missing a hand. The patient alleged his hand had been severed by another individual brandishing a sword, as per the news coverage by NBC.

The man underwent a surgical procedure and is projected to make a recovery, as reported by KTTV.

The police now pursuing the individual who reportedly wielded the sword. Both the victim and the alleged perpetrator are said to be homeless, with the police confirming they are familiar with each other.

Ryan Railsback, a representative from the Riverside Police Department, shared that this assault might be an escalation of a recent ongoing conflict between the two individuals.