Man shot to death by police in bed

CHICAGO, IL – The family of a man fatally shot by suburban Chicago police during a domestic violence call has filed a federal lawsuit alleging wrongful death and other charges. The victim’s sisters, Kyenna McConico and Kennetha Barnes, filed the lawsuit against Carol Stream Police Department and six unidentified officers, seeking unspecified damages.

30-year-old Isaac Goodlow III was shot and killed by police officers at his home in Villagebrook Apartments, Carol Stream, around 4:15 a.m. on February 3rd.

According to the department’s social media statement, the officers found themselves in a “tense, uncertain, and rapidly evolving situation,” forcing them to discharge their weapons at the presumed violent suspect.

The family’s attorney, Andrew M. Stroth, disputes this narrative, arguing that Goodlow was alone in his bed when officers entered without identifying themselves and shot him. He stated that Goodlow and his girlfriend had fought earlier in the evening, but by the time officers arrived, she had vacated the residence.

Stroth added that he and Goodlow’s relatives have viewed the police body camera footage from the incident and have labeled it an “unlawful, unjustified shooting.” The Carol Stream Police Department and its Chief, Donald Cummings, were contacted for comments regarding the lawsuit but have yet to provide a response.