Mom of four shot dead during fight with neighbor over an iPad

Tragedy struck a housing complex in Ocala, Florida. Ajike “AJ” Owens, a mother of four, lost her life in a fatal altercation with her neighbor. The fight was reportedly sparked by an iPad belonging to one of her children.

Owens’ untimely death has ignited heated discussions due to the shooter’s ongoing freedom, with no charges currently filed.

Sheriff Billy Woods, the head of Marion County’s law enforcement, addressed the incident in a press conference. Woods suggested that the shooting was the unfortunate climax of a long-standing disagreement between Owens and her neighbor. Their residence had seen police intervention multiple times in the last few years.

The sheriff said that Owens was attempting to retrieve her child’s iPad when she was fatally wounded. He noted that the neighbor had allegedly hurled a pair of skates toward Owens’ children prior to the escalation.

Regretfully, Woods highlighted that it would have been preferable for both parties to involve law enforcement before resorting to their own devices. The sheriff did not disclose any personal information about the shooter, revealing only her cooperation with the investigation.

Addressing the community’s concerns, Woods stressed the importance of patience during the ongoing inquiry. He noted that not all child witnesses have been interviewed, emphasizing a humane approach in dealing with minors who potentially witnessed their mother’s demise. He assured the community of his commitment to ensuring justice.

Witnesses who spoke to local media recalled the incident occurring as children played outside their homes. The shooter reportedly emerged from a residence, hurled an object at the children, snatched an iPad, and retreated inside. When Owens learned about the incident from her child, she approached the neighbor’s door.

Sheriff Woods conveyed that there was a heated exchange of words and actions from both sides. Amidst this dispute, the fatal shot was fired through the door. Upon conclusion, the investigation findings will be forwarded to the Marion County State Attorney’s office for a final decision on any charges.