Murder victim’s body found in shallow grave

In a chilling discovery, the remains of a Brooklyn man, purportedly killed by his own brother earlier in the year, were unearthed in a shallow grave in Connecticut, authorities reported.

On Sunday afternoon, an individual strolling in Mohegan Park, Norwich, noticed an odd protrusion from the ground, which was later identified as the body of 44-year-old Martin Wright, who had been reported missing.

The initial tip regarding Wright’s demise came in February, when a woman, related to the victim, came forward to NYPD’s 81st Precinct in Brooklyn. She shared her suspicions about Wright’s death, prompting a police investigation.

Law enforcement officials pieced together that the fatal incident likely took place around 5 a.m. on January 28, 2023, amid a dispute at a residence located at 773A Monroe St. in Bedford-Stuyvesant. Wright, they believe, succumbed to a head injury inflicted during an argument with family members. His body was subsequently moved to an undisclosed location, which remained a mystery until the recent discovery in Connecticut.

In the absence of a body, authorities proceeded to charge Wright’s brother, 45-year-old McMillian Wright, with the homicide in April. McMillian resided at the Monroe Street address where the fatal argument is believed to have occurred, according to police records.

Alongside the murder charge, McMillian was also indicted for the criminal possession of a loaded firearm, concealing a human corpse, tampering with physical evidence, possession of a counterfeit instrument, and falsification of business records.

In connection with the case, another Brooklyn resident, 48-year-old Craig Smith, was also charged with the concealment of a human corpse and tampering with physical evidence.