Pregnant woman killed and dismembered by her brother

ROSEMOUNT, MN – A man in Minnesota is in custody for the alleged horrific murder and dismemberment of his pregnant sister, believing she lost her innocence due to her pregnancy.

According to the Dakota County Attorney’s Office, a concerned family member raised the alarm when Bethany Israel didn’t return after having dinner with her brother, Jack Joseph Ball, on Thursday, May 23. The family member reportedly saw Ball leaving the residence where the two siblings had dinner, and upon entering the house, found blood and immediately contacted law enforcement.

Arriving at the scene, authorities claim to have discovered bloody knives and dismembered body parts they suspect belonged to Israel. The defendant, Ball, was located in Rosemount after a neighbor reported a man discarding a body part on their front step.

When apprehended, Ball allegedly had what looked like a self-inflicted wound on his neck. The police disclosed they found notebooks owned by Ball, where he reportedly expressed frustration over his sister’s pregnancy, arguing she had lost her purity or “innocence.”

The medical examiner found that Israel was around 17 to 18 weeks pregnant when she died.

Benefactors have donated over $25,000 to a GoFundMe set up for Israel’s family. The organizer added that Israel’s untimely demise leaves a void that can’t be subsequently filled.

Charges against Ball include two counts of second-degree murder, one for the death of the unborn child. It is unclear if Ball has yet retained legal representation or entered a plea.