Security guard arrested after shooting man inside mall

A security guard has been arrested following an incident in which he reportedly shot a man multiple times during a dispute at Greenbriar Mall in Atlanta on Wednesday afternoon. The altercation took place inside a men’s clothing store called Nacirema.

Police arrived at the mall to find a man who had sustained multiple gunshot wounds. Despite his injuries, the victim was alert, conscious, and breathing. An Atlanta Police officer, who happened to be working an extra job at the mall, heard the gunshots and responded immediately.

The ensuing investigation revealed that the private security guard and another man had engaged in an argument inside the store, which escalated until the security guard shot the man multiple times. A spokesperson for Hendon Properties, the managing partner of Greenbriar Mall, confirmed the incident’s location and expressed gratitude for the quick response by the Atlanta Police Department (APD).

The suspect was taken into custody, while the victim received medical attention on site before being transported to a hospital for further treatment. According to Hendon Properties, the dispute did not extend into the mall’s common areas, and all those inside the mall were evacuated safely.

Greenbriar Mall remained closed for the rest of the day following the incident, with plans to reopen on Thursday and resume regular business hours. An employee of the mall recounted hearing a loud bang from the back of the store before witnessing the chaotic scene and the injured man in the front area.