Six people shot, three kids injured in shooting

CRETE, NE – A shooting inside a residence in Crete, Nebraska, resulted in six people, including three children, being injured, authorities shared on Friday. After the horrifying incident, the alleged shooter was found dead from what investigators believe to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The shooting occurred around 4:30 pm in a home located on Crestline Drive in Crete. Captain Sean Caradori of the Nebraska State Patrol indicated that all of the shooting victims are expected to survive. The victims, seemingly affected by gunshot wounds, were rushed to the Crete Area Medical Center, with some being transferred later to different medical facilities for additional treatment.

A friend of one of the shooting victims claimed the shooter had made abrasive comments before allegedly initiating the shooting spree. According to the friend, his friend’s mother was also among those shot by the assailant.

As part of the ongoing investigation, officers, after hearing a gunshot from a house across the street, discovered a deceased male with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound inside that home. A handgun was also found on the scene. While the man is thought to be the shooter, the motive behind this violent act is yet to be determined.

The Nebraska State Patrol, Crete Police officers, Saline County deputies, and Nebraska Game and Parks officers, alongside fire departments from nearby towns, all responded to the crime scene.

Law enforcement used multiple armored vehicles associated with the Nebraska State Police SWAT Team to gain entry into the house where the gunshots were believed to have originated from around 6:40 pm.

Captain Caradori emphasized that no law enforcement officer discharged their weapons during the incident and assured the community of Crete that the situation had been handled and there was no ongoing threat to the public.