Teen girl dies after getting caught in gunfight at the playground

A 16-year-old girl from Queens, celebrated for her sparkling wit and promising future, tragically lost her life due to a gunshot wound inflicted amidst a teenage conflict. Claudia Quaatey succumbed to her injuries after she was shot in a vehicle parked outside Jackie Robinson School in St. Albans, leaving her family in a deep state of sorrow and loss.

Known for her charming personality and generous spirit, Claudia was noted for her intellect. Her relative, Benita Bortey, fondly remembered the young girl as an extraordinary individual who radiated warmth and intelligence.

A large group of young people were gathered at Locust Manor Playground on that night. It was here that a dispute escalated, leading to the catastrophic shooting that claimed Claudia’s life.

Despite the circumstances, Claudia’s father, Albert Quaatey, emphasized that his daughter was not typically involved in conflicts, indicating that the incident was an unfortunate anomaly.

However, the senseless violence has left the family grappling with the profound void left by Claudia’s departure. Nevertheless, the family hopes to honor Claudia’s memory by living lives that would make her proud.

Claudia’s untimely death occurs amidst growing concerns of youth violence. A similar tragic incident claimed the life of a 13-year-old boy who was shot in the head at a Staten Island playground.