Truck driver dies after crashing 18-wheeler into home

MISSION, TX – An unfortunate turn of events in Mission, Texas, saw an 18-wheeler truck colliding with an empty house in the early hours of Saturday. The mishap reported around 9 a.m., resulted in the truck driver’s death, as confirmed by the Mission city police representative, Jorge Rodriguez.

Prior to ramming into the house located on West Expressway 83, the 18-wheeler also hit two other vehicles. One of them, a red Fiat, was manned by a man who is currently hospital-bound due to the injuries he sustained, albeit non-life-threatening, during the accident.

The deceased truck driver, a 51-year-old, succumbed to his injuries right at the scene. Emergency services working on clearing the accident site have since removed the body, whereas complete clearance, including the removal of the 18-wheeler, is expected to span several hours, according to Rodriguez.

Present at the incident site was Alejandro Avila, an employee at a neighboring business, JR’s Tires and Wheels, who shared his experience. Initially fearing their building could be the truck’s next target, Avila was relieved to notice that the truck missed by a few feet and struck the vacant house instead.

The house, recently added to the real estate market, was due for a viewing that morning. Diana Ortiz, the house’s real estate agent, was lined up to show the property to a prospective client just an hour post the incident.

Following the incident, a post-mortem examination of the deceased driver’s body will be conducted.