Tween girl goes on violent crime spree rampage

A twelve-year-old girl has been apprehended following a sequence of violent crimes, according to the Tukwila Police Department (TPD). The incidents, including assaults and robberies, have created a wave of concern within the community.

The latest event occurred on a Monday evening when officers arrived at a Southcenter District business, acting on a robbery report. Upon arrival, they encountered a victim who stated that a female attacker had assaulted her in the restroom and stole her phone.

The police revealed that the arrested 12-year-old had been involved in several robberies and brutal assaults spanning recent months, with older women often being the primary targets.

Following the incident at the Southcenter District, police traced the victim’s phone to a location on Andover Park East in Tukwila. After finding her at the location with another girl, officers arrested the young suspect. The detained girl urged her companion to attack an officer so that they could stil “hang out” together while in juvenile detention.

The Tukwila police have identified five other incidents involving the same 12-year-old girl. In one case, she tracked an elderly woman from a bus and attacked her in a business establishment, but the victim chose not to press charges. In another incident, the girl followed an elderly woman, knocked her down, and attempted to rob her. A bystander intervened, and the girl was soon taken into custody.

In mid-April, the juvenile removed her ankle-monitoring bracelet and was involved in a physical altercation and an assault on an older woman in proximity to the fight. A few days later, she utilized social media to arrange a mass brawl at a familiar location, leading to her subsequent arrest when she tried to escape.

In late May, officers responded to reports of her attempting to stab another minor following a romantic dispute over a boy.