Uber passenger shot and killed in ‘targeted incident’

A woman lost her life in the early hours of Tuesday in Atlanta, the victim of a shooting that unfolded while she was a passenger in an Uber vehicle. Authorities believe this fatal incident to have been targeted, rather than a random act of violence.

The fatal shooting occurred at approximately 4:30 a.m. Police have not yet revealed the identity of the victim to the public.

The driver reportedly picked up the woman from a strip club located on Cheshire Bridge Road. Shortly after their departure, the driver noticed two vehicles tailing them, one of which opened fire.

Eyewitness Johari Humbles remarked that the incident seemed like an ambush. Nic Taylor, a local resident, didn’t witness the chase but was woken up by the noise. Taylor compared the sound of the gunfire to a war zone, adding that the gunshots rang out for what seemed like 20 seconds.

Additional information emerged from another onlooker who remained at the scene post-incident and engaged with the victim’s brother. She learned that the deceased woman worked at the strip club and lived just a block away from the location where she was fatally shot.

The Atlanta Police Department has not yet released any information regarding potential suspects in the ongoing investigation.