Violent school bus crash leaves special needs student in critical condition

A multi-vehicle collision in the Bronx has left two people, including a 21-year-old special needs student, in critical condition. The incident, which also resulted in minor injuries for at least six other individuals, occurred when a Jeep disregarded a red light and collided with a school bus.

The incident unfolded around 3:15 p.m., at the intersection of Einstein Loop and the Hutchinson River Parkway. The school bus, transporting students aged 8, 10, 14, and 21, was impacted by the Jeep, which subsequently crashed into a Chrysler and a sedan.

The adult student and a passenger from the Jeep were critically injured in the collision. The other passengers, including the younger students, the bus driver, and a monitor, sustained minor injuries. All those involved were transported to Jacobi Medical Center for medical attention.

An eyewitness of the accident described the aftermath as chaotic, likening it to a scene from a movie. Justice Kwansa, a local pharmacist, was close to the scene when he heard the crash.

Rushing over in his slippers, he assisted two students and two school staff members in exiting the damaged bus. He recounted the frightened and disoriented reactions of the students, who were struggling to comprehend what had occurred.

Authorities are investigating the incident, with initial findings pointing towards the Jeep’s failure to obey the traffic signal as a contributing factor in the collision.