Wanted suspect goes missing after jumping in the river during police chase

East Precinct detectives received a tip on Wednesday about the whereabouts of Justin F. Carter, a 36-year-old fugitive with outstanding warrants, including escape from police custody. The tip indicated Carter was at a residence on Tammany Drive.

Upon arriving at the location, detectives observed a man entering a Nissan Maxima and driving away.

When they tried stopping the car, the driver sped away from the authorities. A police helicopter monitored the car while detectives followed from a distance.

One of the suspect’s tires blew out, but the driver continued to drive until he stopped on the Briley Parkway Bridge. He then exited the car and jumped into the Cumberland River. The man was spotted in the water but went under and did not resurface.

Recovery efforts by the Nashville Fire Department, Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD), and Office of Emergency Management have been unsuccessful so far.

The Maxima did not contain any identification for Carter, making it impossible to positively identify the man who jumped into the river.

Carter had previously been involved in a collision while riding a stolen motorcycle on Cahal Avenue at Porter Road. He sustained serious injuries and was taken to Vanderbilt Medical Center. A felony cocaine possession warrant, reckless driving warrant, and driving on a revoked license warrant were all awaiting him once he was released from the hospital.

On Saturday, at 10:15 p.m., Carter asked to take a shower. When nurses checked on him later that night, he was no longer in the bathroom.

Surveillance footage showed Carter leaving the hospital.