Wife Found Beaten To Death During Exotic Honeymoon, Husband Charged With Murder

Bradley Robert Dawson, 38, is accused of killing his wife Christy Chen, 39, while they were on their honeymoon in Fiji.

Chen was found dead on the floor of her room at Turtle Island, lying in a pool of blood. She appeared to have been beaten to death inside their room at the 500-acre private island resort.

Upon further investigation, Chen’s death was ruled a murder by the medical examiner. The examiner concluded that she died from blunt force trauma to the head.

Prior to Chen’s death, the couple attended a party that was hosted at the resort. According to witnesses, the couple seemed to enjoy themselves at a party but looked troubled towards the end. They left the party and continued to argue on the beach before returning to their bungalow.

The resort said it cooperated with the authorities during the investigation and that charges had been filed. It sent its condolences to Ms. Chen’s family, friends, and colleagues.

Dawson fled the resort in a kayak and was arrested 36 hours later on a nearby island.

Dawson confessed to police about Chen’s death in his initial interview, but later walked back that confession after seeking legal advice.

Right after his arrest, Mr Dawson told the police that he got into a drunken fight with his wife in their resort room. He said that he fled using a kayak after he “freaked out”.


However, after meeting with legal advisors, Dawson refused to sign a confession despite already having shared detailed the events surrounding that tragic night.

The husband remains in jail to this day. His attorney says he’s innocent and hopes to get bail during his next court date.

Christe Chen’s friends were concerned when she married Bradley Dawson only three months after they first met. However, they were also hopeful that she had finally found the love of her life. Chen’s friend Ryan Weis says he wishes he had asked more questions about the man she decided to marry.