Worker gets crushed to death by public urinal

Tragedy struck in London’s West End as a man was fatally crushed by a hydraulic urinal. The incident occurred outside of the Palace Theatre, where the Harry Potter play is being performed.

The man, who has not been identified, was working on the public urinal prior to his death. This telescopic urinal is meant to be a convenience for people out in London at night as a pop-up restroom facility.

The Metropolitan Police reported that they were called at 1:10pm and found the man critically injured.

Despite the efforts of emergency services, the man was declared dead at the scene. The London Ambulance Service, an air ambulance, four fire engines, and 25 firefighters were also dispatched to the scene in an attempt to save the man’s life.

Firefighters worked tirelessly to free the man, who was trapped by the device, and a crane was brought to the site in an attempt to lift the entire apparatus out of the ground. Sadly, their efforts were unsuccessful.

Soon after he was freed, the worker died from his injuries.

In a statement about the incident, a spokesman for Metropolitan Police said, “We’re sorry to have to update that, despite the efforts of emergency services, the man who was critically injured in Cambridge Circus was pronounced dead at the scene.”