11-year-old football player arrested for allegedly shooting his teammates

APOPKA, FL – A shocking incident unfolded in Apopka, Florida, where an 11-year-old football player was arrested for allegedly shooting two of his 13-year-old teammates. The incident reportedly occurred after a dispute over food during a football practice. The mother of the young suspect could also face legal consequences for leaving the firearm used in the incident unsecured, according to local law enforcement.

The young suspect, whose identity has not been disclosed due to his age, was charged with attempted second-degree murder. The incident took place on a Monday evening at a sports complex in Apopka, located approximately 20 miles from Orlando. The boy is accused of retaliating against his teammates who knocked food out of his hands during a Pop Warner practice.

According to Apopka Police Chief Mike McKinley, the 11-year-old retrieved an unsecured firearm from his mother’s car and allegedly began shooting at the two boys in the parking lot. “No one wants to arrest an 11-year-old by any means,” McKinley said, expressing concern about the impact of gun violence on young lives.

The police chief described the young suspect as “very quiet and shy” and appearing “somber” following his arrest. The boy was charged with a single count of attempted murder, as McKinley felt it unnecessary to pile charges on an 11-year-old child who has no criminal history.

The mother of the alleged shooter could also face legal repercussions for leaving the firearm unsecured, McKinley added. The two victims, also not identified, are currently in the hospital in stable condition. One of the victims was shot in the torso, while the other was hit in the arm.

McKinley expressed disbelief at the incident. He lamented the current societal climate where juveniles resort to gun violence instead of seeking adult intervention.