Rosenstein Confirms Plot Against Trump

Rosenstein Confirms Plot Against Trump

( – It has taken three and a half years, but the truth is finally coming out. Conservatives have known for some time that the Russi ...Read More

AG Barr Says Leftists, Foreign Actors Behind Unrest

AG Barr Says Leftists, Foreign Actors Behind Unrest

( – According to Attorney General William Barr, an investigation into the civil unrest sweeping America shows it’s being exploited by ...Read More

Iran’s Missiles Were Duds, but America Should Still Be Alarmed

First off, everyone was not surprised that Iran retaliated after American forces sent a drone to kill Iran’s top general and notorious terrorist Qa ...Read More

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    Do “Fake News” Laws Threaten Free Speech?

    ( - President Donald Trump has never been afraid to share what he thinks on social media. That’s why few Conservatives were surprised when he tweeted about the potential risks of mail-in voter ballots...

    How to Measure Quality News

    ( - If you’re talking about celebrity news or fun topics, it doesn’t matter much if you just skim the headline and call it a day. But in today’s world, where nothing is as...

    Trump’s Internet Kill Switch

    ( - President Trump has been in a battle with the media from day one of his presidency. At one point recently, it even looks like the president and Kim Jong-un worked together to...

    Democrat Hypocrisy On Display

    ( - Democrats have a hypocrisy problem. Loyal Conservatives have watched for years as they accuse the GOP of corruption only to turn around and engage in the very same actions themselves. In fact,...

    Make Sure Your Vote Gets Counted

    ( - President Trump is fighting hard to make sure all American votes get counted. Meanwhile, it sure seems like some Democrat governors are keeping states closed to give the impression that absentee ballots...

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    Tarrant County Spits in Governor Abbott’s Face by Voting for More Refugees

    (BLP) – Robert Montoya of Texas Scorecard reported on the Tarrant County commissioners court’s decision to approve refugee resettlement. On a unani ...Read More

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    Posted: January 25, 2020, 7:07 am

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    Red Flag Laws: Why You Should Be Concerned

    Over the last several months, you've likely heard the term "Red Flag" Law come up...

    The Electoral College: Do We Really Need It?

    The results of the 2016 Presidential Election had Hillary Clinton with more popular votes while...

    What’s the Real Deal With Gun Control?

    US politics today is about as hyper-partisan as it’s ever been, but even in this...

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