Abused toddler found starving with ankles taped together, 3 suspects arrested

HUMBLE, TX – Three individuals are facing charges following the discovery of an abused, malnourished 2-year-old girl in an apartment in Humble, Texas. The individuals involved, named as Kenry Joseph Flukers, Toniesha Deshae Perkins, and Mya Jhari Breaux-McGruder, are currently incarcerated on charges of child injury by omission and illegal restraint.

According to the investigation, the toddler’s ankles were taped together and she was denied appropriate medical and physical care. The child was found by maintenance personnel who had entered the apartment to carry out a repair on a dishwasher. They noticed the severely malnourished toddler on the living room floor with duct tape around her ankles and promptly notified the authorities.

Interestingly, five other children were found in the apartment in healthy condition. However, the malnourished 2-year-old girl exhibited signs of abusive head trauma and was severely underweight. Medical personnel concluded that had the toddler spent one more night in the same living conditions, she could have died.

The hospital discovered that the girl was suffering from brain bleeds, anemia, and kidney failure, suggesting prolonged abuse. Perkins, who is reportedly the child’s cousin, claimed to Child Protective Services that the other children in the home had duct-taped the toddler. However, Flukers contradicted Perkins’ statement during an interview, admitting that Perkins used duct tape to prevent the child from accessing the fridge, pantry, and trash.

Flukers, Perkins, and Breaux-McGruder had been residing in the Humble apartment for approximately three months. Collectively, they face nearly half a million dollars in bonds associated with their charges.