Active shooter opens fire on high school in early morning attack

PERRY, IA – A shooting that took place at Perry High School in Iowa early Thursday morning resulted in several gunshot victims, according to police officials. The high school is approximately 40 miles from the city of Des Moines.

The incident was reported at about 7:47 a.m., and numerous law enforcement officers arrived at the site, including Dallas County Sheriff Adam Infante. In his remarks at a press conference, Sheriff Infante noted that the first officer reached the scene seven minutes after the incident was reported and found multiple gunshot victims. However, the exact number of victims and possible fatalities was not clarified.

The shooting happened before the school day began when only a few students and staff were present in the building. Sheriff Infante noted that the low occupancy of the building at the time possibly contributed to reduced casualties.

While the incident sparked concerns, authorities assured the public that there is no ongoing threat to the community‚Äôs safety. Infante stated, “There is no further danger to the public [and] the community is safe.”

According to the Des Moines Register, a first responder who arrived at the site reportedly communicated to dispatchers about a “male subject down in the hallway,” suggesting a self-inflicted injury. The report also mentioned that this individual was deceased, and other victims were present at the site.

A parent of a student at Perry High School told a local newspaper that his son was grazed by a bullet before finding safety in a classroom. The parent also mentioned his son witnessing the school principal being shot. The parent reported picking up his injured son from the school, but said his son was safe and recovering at home.