Active shooter walks into Target armed with an AR-15

The Omaha Police Department has identified the perpetrator of the active shooter incident that occurred at a Target store on Tuesday. Joseph M. Jones, 32, had an AR-15-style rifle and 13 loaded rifle magazines in his possession and fired multiple shots inside the store. He was ultimately shot and killed by an officer.

Omaha police reported that Officer Brian Vanderheiden, who has been a part of the police force for the past 20 years, was the one who shot Jones. Due to this, Vanderheiden has been placed on paid administrative leave by the department. Furthermore, Omaha police disclosed that Jones acquired the rifle four days before the incident from Cabela’s.

The Omaha Police Department has revealed footage from surveillance and body cameras taken on Tuesday. Authorities responded to a report of an active shooter incident at a Target located near 178th Street and West Center Road, with the call coming in at 11:59am.

Officials reported that when Omaha police officers and a state trooper arrived at Target, they found Jones with a rifle in his possession.

Police reported that they shouted numerous orders to Jones, instructing him to let go of the rifle.

A police officer from Omaha discharged their service handgun, resulting in the death of Jones, according to law enforcement. Afterward, emergency personnel declared Jones deceased.

There is an ongoing investigation of the incident. Fortunately, no civilians were injured in the process.