Alabama mother arrested for allegedly shooting 7-year-old son

In a tragic incident, a 36-year-old mother from Alabama has been arrested for the alleged murder of her 7-year-old son. Shannon Renee Karr was taken into custody and charged with capital murder after the child was found shot multiple times inside their home.

On August 4th, officers from the Moulton Police Department responded to a call about a possible shooting at a residence on Main Street. Upon arrival, they encountered Shannon Renee Karr, the victim’s mother, who informed them that her child was dead inside the house. The young boy was discovered with two gunshot wounds and was declared deceased by Lawrence County Coroner Steve Norwood.

The identity of the child has not been released, but it has been reported that he was a student at Danville Elementary School in Morgan County. Shannon Renee Karr was apprehended at her home and subsequently booked on suspicion of capital murder. She is currently being held without bond at the Lawrence County Jail.

Neighbors of Karr expressed shock and disbelief at the allegations against her. Susan Thrasher, one of the neighbors, described the day as incredibly sad, struggling to comprehend how a mother could harm her own child. Another neighbor, Tad Hazle, recalled seeing the young boy playing with his dogs and riding his bike, making the tragedy even more devastating.

Captain Russell Graham of the Moulton Police Department revealed that the child’s gunshot wounds were inflicted at close range. He acknowledged the difficulty of the case, particularly as he has children of a similar age. Graham emphasized the importance of approaching the investigation objectively, despite the emotional toll it takes.

An anonymous neighbor mentioned that they often saw the child in the area but noted his tendency to keep to himself. The community is left grappling with the heartbreaking loss of a young life and searching for answers as to what could have led to such a devastating act.