Armed Man Who Greeted Officers with Shotgun Dies in Police Shootout

A shooting incident involving Pickens County deputies resulted in the death of a man late Tuesday night in Talking Rock, Georgia. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) is currently looking into the matter.

The incident began at 11:44 p.m. when deputies were called to a residence on Jay Moss Lane following a report of a house fire and gunshots.

Upon arrival, deputies found the house engulfed in flames and a man, believed to be 65-year-old Frank Jerry Millsapps, standing in the front yard with a shotgun.

Deputies engaged Millsapps in conversation and repeatedly ordered him to put down his weapon. However, Millsapps ignored their commands and advanced towards the officers while still armed. He then pointed the shotgun at the deputies and opened fire.

The confrontation escalated into an exchange of gunfire between Millsapps and the deputies. Millsapps was shot and subsequently pronounced dead at the scene.

The incident did not result in any injuries to law enforcement officers.

Investigators revealed that prior to the arrival of the deputies, Millsapps had fired shots at a neighbor. It is also believed that he hit deputy vehicles during the shootout.

After the GBI’s investigation of the incident is complete, the case will be given to the Appalachian Judicial Circuit District Attorney for further review.