Australian Tourist Killed in Bloody Shark Attack

A 59-year-old Australian tourist was killed in a shark attack off the coast of New Caledonia on Sunday.

The man had been swimming about 500 feet from a jetty in Noumea. As he swam, a shark attacked him. The animal is belived to be a tiger shark about 13 feet long. The horrific incident was captured in a video that showed the man appearing unresponsive as two lifeguards tried to resuscitate him.

The lifeguards managed to bring the man to shore, but despite their best efforts, he could not be saved. The victim has not yet been identified publically, but it is understood that he was vacationing alone prior to the attack.

According to reports, the shark might have been attracted to beach by food that was tossed into the water from a nearby restaurant’s viewing platform. The incident occurred only days after the same beach was reopened to the public following a shark attack that left a 49-year-old teacher with a leg injury.

The man killed on Sunday was staying at the nearby Le Meridien Hotel, and the attack occurred only feet from where the previous attack took place. A guest at the nearby Hotel Chateau Royal described the scene as “blood everywhere” and noted that many people were in the water at the time of the attack.

The beach was immediately closed after the incident and has not been reopened since.

The tragedy has once again brought the issue of shark attacks to the forefront, and authorities are urging beachgoers to exercise caution when swimming in areas known for shark activity.