Baby girl mauled to death by family’s dog

BRAZIL – A shocking incident occurred where a 5-month-old infant girl was attacked and killed by a family dog. The tragic event unfolded when the parents, who have remained anonymous in the reports, departed from their home to go shopping for a family barbecue, leaving their daughter, Isis da Silva Sobrinho, unattended.

At the time of the incident, the child’s uncle was present in the building, preparing for a barbecue in the backyard. However, he was unaware that the baby was left alone at home. He reported that he saw the father leave the house, assuming that the mother was still present with the child.

When he heard the infant cry, he initially dismissed it, believing that the mother was attending to her. Unfortunately, it was only after discovering the child in a dire condition, wounded from a mauling, that he realized the tragic mistake he had made.

Rushed to the hospital, Isis was declared dead due to severe bite marks and a torn pelvis. It was later revealed that the family dog, owned by the child’s grandparents, who hadn’t been fed that day, was responsible for the vicious attack. The incident has led to the child’s parents being charged with manslaughter without intent to kill. Each parent was subsequently released after paying approximately $263.

The case is currently under police investigation as authorities try to ascertain the exact circumstances that led to the tragic incident.