Biden announces that suspicious ‘high-altitude object’ has been shot down from the sky in Alaska

President Joe Biden declared the shooting down of a “high-altitude object” hovering over Alaska on Friday to be a success. This came shortly after the disclosure from American national security officials that the Commander-in-Chief had given the US military authorization to take this action.

The US administration faced many questions regarding President Biden’s decision to shoot down a suspected Chinese spy balloon last week. The alleged spy balloon was shot down off the coast of South Carolina.

Now, another suspicious object has been spotted flying over US airspace. American fighter jets have taken down a flying object for the second time in a single week. Although the president acted quickly to take down the object near Alaska, the origin of it and its purpose still remain unknown.

On Thursday, the foreign object was first detected in the sky. F-35 fighter jets were dispatched in order to analyze it.

John Kirby, National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications, stated that the object was soaring at 40,000 feet and could potentially be a risk to civilian aviation.

On Thursday, F-35s were involved in an effort and fighter aircraft re-engaged with the object on Friday morning. However, according to John Kirby, the jets only obtained “limited” information during their efforts.

US fighter aircraft were responsible for bringing down an object in the Arctic Ocean. According to US officials, the location of the object was close to the Canadian border, located approximately 10 miles away from the northern coast of Alaska.

Kirby stated that the US anticipates recovering the remaining wreckage.

Military personnel have expressed certainty that the item was not a property of the US armed forces or government.