Boy fights off sister’s potential kidnapper using a slingshot

In a remarkable act of heroism, a 13-year-old Michigan boy used his slingshot to prevent the kidnapping of his younger sister by an unidentified male. The incident unfolded in their Alpena Township backyard while the 8-year-old girl was innocently gathering mushrooms on Wednesday.

Emerging suddenly from the neighboring woods, the intruder attempted to abduct the young girl in a movie-like scenario, clasping a hand over her mouth and an arm around her waist. Lt. John Grimshaw of the Michigan State Police disclosed that his intent was to drag her back into the woods.

Fortunately, the young girl managed to free herself from the assailant’s grip. Her older brother, having witnessed the shocking incident, took swift action. Armed with his slingshot, he targeted the attacker, striking him in the head and chest.

Lt. Grimshaw lauded the teen’s remarkable bravery, crediting him with preventing a potentially life-threatening situation or severe harm befalling his sister. The teen’s actions were described as “extraordinary.”

Following the failed abduction attempt, the suspect fled the scene. State troopers later found him concealing himself at a nearby gas station. Visible wounds on his head and chest, resulting from the slingshot attack, aided in his identification.

The alleged kidnapper, a 17-year-old resident of Alpena, was apprehended without incident. He was then taken to the Alpena County Jail. He allegedly admitted to his intention of inflicting severe harm on the young girl during an interview with detecives.

He was arraigned on Thursday, facing charges of attempted kidnapping, attempted assault to cause significant bodily harm, and assault and battery. His bond was set at $150,000, with a court appearance scheduled for May 17. Although being charged as an adult, the police have yet to release his name.