C.D.C. Stuck On Masking – Keeps Mandates for Planes

Masks Stay On: C.D.C. Keeps the Mandate on Planes – The New York Times

The CDC is extending the federal transportation mask mandate through May 3 due to rising numbers of COVID-19 cases. Of course, the best way to handle an increasing problem is to do more of the exact same thing you were doing before the problem was increasing? This strategy is not working, so maybe they should consider banning humans who breathe through their mouth from flying, or could they come up with 5-10 more vaccines? One thing is for sure with Covid; no one can agree on a sound strategy to manage it. From sweeping draconian measures implemented by the Chinese Government to complete freedom in the Country of Sweden.

We are all rooting for the best when it comes to Covid; however, planning for the worst is a safer choice. The focus should be placed on real solutions, not how long we should or should not mask.

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