Car crashes into house, driver found shot to death

BROWNSBURG, IN – Investigators are trying to chart the sequence of events that led to a man losing his life in a car collision with a house. The incident took place on Tuesday afternoon and was initially determined to be an accident. It was only when law enforcement arrived at the gridlocked scene on Memorial Knoll Drive that they discovered the truth.

Hendricks County Sheriff’s Office deputies received a call around 4:38 p.m. reporting an accident in the Eagle Crossing neighborhood near Raceway Road and W. 56th Street. The deafening crash, followed by an alarming discovery, disrupted the suburban tranquility of the area.

Deputies found a four-door vehicle plowed into the rear of a house. The vehicle’s lone occupant, the driver, bore signs of at least one gunshot wound and was pronounced dead at the scene by the sheriff’s department.

Several individuals were inside the house at the time of the collision. Despite the damage, the sheriff’s office noted that none of the house’s occupants were injured.

Currently, the crash site is full of detectives and crime scene personnel who are tirelessly seeking evidence and piecing together this unnerving puzzle. Unanswered questions abound and more information about the ongoing investigation is yet to be divulged.