Chick-fil-A employee breaks into coworker’s home to perform exorcism

AVON, IN – A man in Indiana allegedly broke into his female colleague’s home to perform an exorcism, reported the Avon Police Department. Around 1:20 a.m. Tuesday, police responded to a burglary in progress where the caller said a man intruded into her home and began screaming.

The woman identified the intruder from the porch as her Chick-fil-A coworker, Robert Nalker, 38, according to an arrest warrant. When called outside by the police, Nalker emerged bloodied, explaining he had to break through a window to carry out the exorcism. His Prius was found idling in the driveway.

As he was being detained, Nalker repeatedly stated, “she hasn’t been stabbed” and “she’s possessed”, according to the police. He also requested that the officers find his CD in the house and “play track number 3 to save her”. His bizarre behavior continued as he yelled at the police not to “look in his f–king eyes”.

The victim said that she had known Nalker for over two decades and they worked together at the fast-food chain. Recently, Nalker had been sending her strange text messages warning her to avoid listening to Spotify.

Upon examining the home, police found a trail of blood leading from the shattered backdoor window to the kitchen, a blood-covered CD and its case on the kitchen island, and a dismantled entertainment and stereo system. An incomplete “R” was found, written in blood, on a projector screen.

Nalker was dispatched to Hendricks Regional Hospital in Danville for medical evaluation. Doctors admitted him after determining he was mentally unstable. A formal arrest for Nalker is still pending. Avon police have been granted a warrant to charge him with felony residential entry, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct.