Child killed, four others injured at flea market shootout

PEARLAND, TX – A devastating incident unfolded on Sunday when an argument erupted into gunfire at a flea market in Pearland, Texas. A child lost their life in the incident, another child and three adults suffered injuries, and the suspect remains at large.

The scene of the crime was Cole’s Flea Market, a lively space usually teeming with shoppers. The police responded to a shooting report around 5.30 p.m. All victims were promptly transported to hospitals for medical care.

Officer Chad Rogers of the Pearland Police Department detailed the event in a news conference, suggesting that the dispute between two undisclosed individuals, apparently strangers, led to the shooting. He further stated that the specifics, including the number of guns or rounds fired, remained unclear. He also expressed uncertainties about whether there was a single gunner or multiple.

Rogers assured that the shooting does not seem to be a targeted attack on the flea market. Updates about the condition of the injured patrons are yet to be obtained. The popular flea market, known to be the oldest and largest in Pearland, tends to attract massive crowds. However, a Houston Chronicle report hinted that rainy weather on Sunday might have reduced the usual patron turnout at the time of the shooting.

The investigation is underway, and no arrests have been made yet. Pearland is approximately 17 miles south of Houston. Authorities urge anyone with potentially useful information about the shootout to contact the police.