College student stabbed to death after being mistaken for a gang member

MANHATTAN, NY – A tragic stabbing incident that occurred in Manhattan’s Flatiron District last week reportedly began with a haunting case of mistaken identity, according to police reports and family statements. 18-year-old Denzel Bimpey, a native of the Bronx and a first-year college student, was returning home for the Christmas holidays when disagreements with another group of college students led to a deadly altercation.

Bimpey was studying business administration at SUNY Morrisville with dreams of launching his own firm. He was not part of any gang, according to his older brother.

As per the NYPD, a fight took a deadly turn when a group of college students got off a bus near East 26th Street and Park Avenue South. An unidentified member of the other group repeatedly stabbed Bimpey, leading to fatal injuries.

After being fatally wounded, Bimpey and his friends fled from the scene. They were pursued by the opposing group that had been involved in the argument. Recognizing Bimpey’s critical condition, the group stopped their chase and fled the scene in a black SUV.

The investigation pointed towards a misidentification of Bimpey and his friends as part of the Nine Blocks Bronx gang, leading to the fatal argument. However, Bimpey and his companions were not connected with any gang activity, nor were they sporting any gang-related attire.

An anonymous person of interest is reportedly in NYPD custody, although charges are yet to be filed. Numerous pleas for financial aid have arisen from friends and relatives who have set up a GoFundMe account to aid with funeral expenses.

Grieving family members mourned the loss of Bimpey, who was remembered as a “wholesome spirit” with an infectious grin and aspirations to make his mark in the business field.