Colorado Dentist Arrested for Allegedly Poisoning Wife in a Calculated Murder

In a shocking development, a Colorado dentist has been arrested for allegedly poisoning his wife in what authorities describe as a “heinous, complex, and calculated murder.”

James Toliver Craig, an Aurora resident, had driven his 43-year-old wife to the hospital on Wednesday night. She was experiencing dizziness and severe headaches, according to the Aurora Police Department.

Upon arrival at the hospital, the woman’s condition rapidly worsened, and she was placed on a ventilator in the ICU before being declared brain dead. Doctors decided to remove her from life support early on Sunday morning. However, they found her rapid deterioration suspicious and reported their concerns to the police.

The Aurora Police Department’s Major Crimes Homicide Unit launched an investigation into the case. They discovered that the victim had been poisoned, allegedly by the very person who had brought her to the hospital.

Once the woman was taken off life support, authorities obtained a warrant for Craig’s arrest. The 45-year-old dentist was taken into custody early on Sunday and booked into the county jail on a first-degree murder charge later that afternoon.

The motive for the crime has not yet been released. The investigation of the woman’s death is still ongoing.