Colorado man sentenced to 97 years for brutal murder of sister and her boyfriend

A 31-year-old man in Colorado has been sentenced to 97 years in prison for the fatal shooting of his sister and her boyfriend in an unprovoked attack. The horrific incident, which took place last year, was recorded by one of the victims, providing crucial evidence in bringing the perpetrator to justice. The sentencing hearing, presided over by Douglas County District Judge Patricia Herron, marked the end of a tragic chapter for the families involved.

Casey Devol pleaded guilty last month to two counts of second-degree murder. He also received one count of felony animal cruelty for beating the couple’s dog to death with a hammer. The judge’s decision to impose a lengthy prison term reflects the severity of the crimes committed. The victims, Jessica Mitchell, 32, and Bryan Gray, 34, lost their lives in a senseless act of violence that shocked the community.

The audio recording captured by Mitchell played a pivotal role in the investigation, as there were no eyewitnesses to the murders. District Attorney John Kellner emphasized the significance of the digital recorder, stating that it became the voice for the victims. Mitchell’s instincts to start the recording and document the tragic events helped detectives and prosecutors piece together the mystery surrounding the case.

According to the Office of the District Attorney for Douglas County, deputies responded to a call on February 8, 2022, reporting the discovery of two deceased individuals at a home on S. Russellville Road. Upon arrival, first responders identified the victims as Mitchell and Gray. Autopsies confirmed that both deaths were homicides caused by fatal gunshot wounds.

During the investigation, surveillance footage from the property revealed a suspect carrying multiple firearms and entering the garage where the victims were found. A tip from one of Mitchell’s friends led investigators to Devol, whose driver’s license photo matched the characteristics of the suspect captured on video. However, it was the digital recording device found on Mitchell that provided the crucial evidence linking Devol to the crime scene.

Devol was apprehended at a hotel in Kansas the day after the bodies were discovered. Chief Deputy District Attorney Andrew Steers highlighted the importance of the recording, which captured a conversation between the three individuals during dinner. The recording sheds light on the events leading up to the murders, although the motive behind the attack is still not clear.

In a chilling revelation, a family member who listened to the recording described hearing Devol “staging and taunting the bodies” and brutally beating their dog with a hammer. The conversation prior to the shooting was described as “jovial,” adding to the shock and disbelief surrounding the tragic turn of events.