Couple found dead at home in possible murder-suicide

HOUSTON, TX – A potential case of murder-suicide is currently under investigation by authorities in Houston’s Kashmere Gardens area. Officers from the Houston Police Department responded to a call and discovered the bodies of a man and a woman in an apartment located at the intersection of Coal and Linn streets.

The cause of the woman’s death remains uncertain as her body, which appeared to have been present in the apartment for a while, was found covered with sheets. The alarm was raised by the woman’s family who contacted the police after losing contact with her since Sunday.

HPD’s Lt. R. Willkens shared details of the investigation, saying that on arrival, officers noted the woman’s vehicle parked in the driveway. Despite no response from within the apartment, officers made their way in only to be confronted with a distressing scene.

Initial findings suggest the man, whose body was found with pillows over his head, may have died by suicide. Police are exploring potential leads connecting the couple’s violent past based on family accounts, with the man purportedly having a history of domestic abuse against the woman.

According to Lt. Willkens, it is yet to be confirmed if the man had prior charges or served jail time for such acts. The man and woman were both 35 years old and shared the apartment at the time of the incident.