Crematorium worker finds ‘dead’ 90-year-old woman still breathing in body bag

SÃO JOSÉ, BRAZIL – An undertaker received a startling surprise when attempting to collect a body from a hospital morgue in São José, Brazil. The crematorium worker found out that the 90-year-old woman, who was originally pronounced dead before arriving at the morgue, was actually still alive.

According to reports, Norma Silveira da Silva was placed in a body bag and sent to the morgue. The startling incident occurred just hours after hospital staff had declared her deceased. However, the undertaker discovered the woman still breathing upon opening the bag.

Silva was returned to a hospital room after the shocking find. Despite her momentary resurrection, she was officially declared dead again on Monday morning.

On the previous Friday, Silva had been admitted to São José Regional Hospital in a severe state, facing issues with her liver and being unresponsive. Jessica Martins Silvi Pereira, a caretaker and friend to Silva, explained that the elderly woman spent nearly two hours in the sealed bag and that she was struggling to breathe.

Whether Silva’s final passing resulted from a delayed medical response or from her pre-existing conditions remains undetermined. The cause of death on her updated death certificate, issued shortly before 5 a.m., is noted as “septic shock.”

Pereira announced that the patient’s family intends to sue the hospital for negligence. The case has initiated a state Department of Health investigation.