Criminal Suspect Tries to Escape Arrest by Riding Away on a Skateboard

On the morning of February 13, 2023, police officers from the Southwest Division responded to a stolen vehicle report at the intersection of Flower Street and Jefferson Avenue.

Upon arrival, they were unable to locate the person who had reported the crime. However, officers spotted a truck with an attached trailer matching the description of the stolen vehicle nearby, at Exposition Boulevard and Western Avenue.

The officers verified the truck’s description and followed the vehicle, driven by Pedro Villalobos, while requesting backup and an air unit.

Villalobos turned south onto Hoover Street from 40th Place, during which the attached trailer collided with a parked car. As the officers initiated a vehicle pursuit, Villalobos lost control of the truck while attempting a turn onto 42nd Street from Flower Street, coming to a halt on the east side of the intersection.

Police conducted a high-risk stop, but Villalobos failed to comply with their commands, exited the truck, and fled on a skateboard. Several officers chased him on foot, while others drove ahead to intercept the suspect. One officer exited his vehicle and attempted to apprehend Villalobos as he approached on the skateboard.

Villalobos attempted to evade the officer’s grasp by leaning forward, but the officer made contact with his upper back. This caused him to lose balance and fall.

Villalobos was taken into custody, and officers discovered he had sustained an injury to his right leg. He was transported to a local hospital for treatment and later admitted.