Father of 4 goes on the run after murdering his wife, kids run to neighbor’s house for help

GARDNER, MA – A horrifying incident unfolded in Gardner, Massachusetts, as authorities launched a manhunt for Aaron Pennington, 33, after the lifeless body of his spouse, Breanne Pennington, 30, was discovered inside their home. Police, describing him as “armed and dangerous,” are seeking Aaron Pennington in connection with the crime, which was brought to light when their four young children sought help from a neighbor.

The grim scene unfolded when Breanne Pennington was found in a bedroom upstairs. She suffered from a gunshot wound to her face on Sunday morning. Their children, aged 2, 5, 7, and 9, approached a neighbor’s house in distress, unable to locate their father, Aaron, and discovering their mother in tears.

According to a trooper’s account in an application for a criminal complaint, “Four children came over to her house scared because they could not find their father, and their mother was in her bedroom crying.” The family resided at 42 Cherry Street in Gardner, where the children revealed that their father’s vehicle was no longer in the driveway.

Inside the bedroom, investigators discovered three shell casings but no weapon. Late on Monday afternoon, police located Aaron Pennington’s white 2013 BMW at a Boy Scout camp in Gardner, but the suspect was not found in the vehicle.

Authorities issued a warning not to approach Aaron Pennington if sighted and instead to call 911, given concerns that he may be armed with a firearm, thus being considered a danger to the public.

This tragic incident follows reports of marital issues between the couple, with Breanne Pennington planning to relocate to Texas with their children to escape the troubled relationship. Police documents also revealed that she had a gun in the home for her protection, while Aaron Pennington was noted to have been dealing with mental health issues and had previously made threats of suicide.

The four children have been placed under the custody of the state Department of Children and Families.