Dad shot in front of his kids at gas station

ATLANTA, GA ā€“ In an Atlanta community, the family of Jotavious “Joe” Favors, 25, are left grappling with his sudden demise. The young father was fatally shot in front of his children at a Chevron gas station on Campbellton Road on the night of Nov. 15, according to Atlanta Police officials. The investigation has revealed that Jotavious suffered multiple gunshot wounds in the space of minutes, while he was accompanied by his six-month-old and 1-year-old kids, along with his girlfriend.

Reliving her boyfriend’s tragic end, Shontiana Craig described the incident as a traumatic experience. “We watched him lay there,” she recalled. Remembering Jotavious fondly, Craig added that her boyfriend had a charismatic personality that made him the center of attention. He was the glue that knit the family. “He was special,” she remarked.

The grieving family spent Thanksgiving this year, reflecting on the indelible mark that the young father has left on their lives. Jotavious’s sibling, Ariana Favors, said her brother, her only friend, was her everything.

Known for his responsible nature, Jotavious was a restaurant worker who was striving hard to raise his two boys properly. Recounting one of their past conversations, Ariana noted, “He actually told me, ‘It’s time for me to be a man now. Iā€™m going to be a man for my boys.’ And it’s like, it ended so soon.ā€

The day after the fatal incident, investigators released a surveillance video capturing two people they suspect to be connected to the shooting. Ariana expressed that she cannot find peace until her brother’s killer is apprehended.

The bereaved family, desperate to give Jotavious the service he deserves, has started an online fundraiser. The funds raised will be applied to funeral expenses and the future needs of the late father’s children. Jotavious’ homegoing service is expected to commence next weekend.