Dead body found floating in water at the beach

VENTURA COUNTY, CA – The body of a man who washed onto Dune Beach in Ventura County last month has recently been identified by local law enforcement. The report came from a 911 call placed on April 17 by a beachgoer who sighted the body floating near the Pacific Coast Highway’s 900 block.

Both the Ventura County Fire Department and Naval Base Ventura County Fire Department teams were deployed to recover the body. Upon recovery, the individual was identified as 31-year-old Connor O’Donnell, a resident of Oak Park, and was declared dead at the scene.

Following the preliminary investigation conducted by deputies, no evident signs of trauma were found on O’Donnell’s body, thus initially ruling out any suspicion associated with his death. However, despite the absence of instant red flags, a comprehensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding O’Donnell’s death is still underway.

Ventura County investigators are seeking help from the local residents to piece together the puzzle surrounding O’Donnell’s activities and movements between April 6 and April 17. 

Conversely, Ventura County Sheriff’s office urgently asked anyone who might have valuable information on this case to reach out to Major Crimes Sergeant Craig Hennes. Alternatively, anonymous tips are welcomed through Crime Stoppers.