Deadly pile-up crash leaves 35 dead, 60 injured

CAIRO, EGYPT – A tragic car crash in Egypt has claimed the lives of at least 35 individuals and left 60 others injured. The horrifying incident occurred on a motorway in the Cairo-Alexandria desert, where a deadly pile-up crash led to a massive blaze, as seen in a shocking video.

The 29-second clip captures the harrowing scene, with aggressive flames engulfing the vehicles involved in the collision, and families desperately trying to find safety. While it is suspected that the catastrophe may have been triggered by an oil leak, local police have yet to confirm this.

The collision involved a bus and multiple cars in the Wadi-El-Natrun area, near the international highway leading to Cairo. The resulting inferno sent plumes of black smoke into the sky, visible from miles away. In a desperate bid to control the fire, locals attempted to push disabled vehicles to safety, while screams and shouts filled the air as people searched for their loved ones and warned others of the danger.

As the tragedy unfolded, unaware motorists in lorries and vans continued to approach the accident, honking their horns. Thick smoke blanketed the road, making it challenging to see, and complicating evacuation efforts.

Images shared on social media depicted overturned lorries and buses consumed by the flames, causing long queues to form on the roads. Local media have suggested that the incident may have been initiated by an oil leak from a vehicle in the Beheira region.

The collision on the Cairo-Alexandria desert road near Wadi al-Natroun resulted in 35 fatalities, with at least 18 individuals sustaining burn injuries and 53 others being wounded, according to Al Ahram. Among the injured, 53 are receiving treatment at the Wadi El-Natrun Day Surgery Hospital, while seven are being treated at the West El Nobaria Central Hospital, as reported by local news outlets.

Tragically, road traffic accidents like these are not uncommon in Egypt, where approximately 12,000 people lose their lives each year due to such incidents, according to the World Health Organization. Many more suffer non-fatal injuries, with some experiencing long-term disabilities.