Deadly pit bull attack claims the life of Utah mom

TAYLORSVILLE, UT – In a devastating incident in Utah, a 63-year-old woman has died from critical injuries sustained from an attack by her son’s dogs. The attack, which occurred in her backyard on October 31, left the woman with severe injuries to her face, hands, and legs, and subsequently led to the amputation of her left leg.

According to the press release from the Taylorsville Police Department, the woman succumbed to her injuries in the hospital on Monday. Expressing deep condolences over the tragic event, Taylorsville Police Chief Brady Cottam said they were saddened by the victim’s death.

Reports indicate that she had been assaulted by two adult pit bulls and their five puppies, prompting her to dial 911 amidst the ongoing attack. She reported being bitten by numerous dogs in her backyard. When the authorities reached the scene, the dogs acted aggressively towards them, prompting the police to use pepper spray to fend them off and allow access to paramedics.

After the incident, the victim’s 38-year-old son, who owned the dogs, turned them over to a shelter. However, due to the severity of the attack, the animals were euthanized. Police reported that an adult female dog was shot at the scene after escaping from the backyard and posing a threat to authorities during the rescue operation.

The family expressed gratitude towards the dispatcher, police officers, ambulance staff, and healthcare providers who came to the woman’s aid, and thanked the public for their thoughts and prayers. Meanwhile, police have stated that the investigation into the attack is ongoing.