Deadly shooting leaves three dead at Memorial Day motorcycle rally

A violent incident broke out at the annual Red River Memorial Day Motorcycle Rally in New Mexico. At the event, a confrontation between two outlaw biker gangs led to a deadly shootout. According to local law enforcement, the altercation resulted in three fatalities and injuries to five other individuals.

As the small resort town of Taos County brimmed with motorcycle enthusiasts gathered for the well-attended event and live music festival, a dispute erupted between members of the Bandidos and Water Dog biker gangs. New Mexico State Police Chief Tim Johnson relayed details of the event at a Sunday press briefing, revealing that an exchange of gunfire broke out between the two groups.

Johnson emphasized that all eight individuals involved in the violent incident were affiliated with the warring biker gangs. In response to the unfortunate turn of events, Johnson pledged a no-nonsense stance on law-breaking activities, stressing that even minor infractions like jaywalking would not be overlooked.

The violence broke out around 5 p.m. Saturday on Main Street, on the eastern side of Red River, following an encounter between members of the rival gangs. According to Johnson, the conflict was sparked by a photograph taken with another notorious biker gang in Albuquerque a few days prior.

Among the victims of the fatal shooting were two members of the Bandidos, Anthony Silva and Damian Breaux. Randy Sanchez from the Water Dogs also passed away after the shooting.

Another member of the Water Dogs, Jacob Castillo, who was wounded in the incident. However, he has been detained on suspicion of murder.

Two other members of the Bandidos, Matthew Jackson and Christopher Garcia, also sustained gunshot injuries. They were arrested on unrelated charges after being treated at a local hospital.

Three other gang members were also injured and remain under medical care, with one having been airlifted to a Denver hospital. Law enforcement urged witnesses or anyone with video evidence of the event to come forward.

To ensure public safety, Red River Mayor Linda Calhoun recommended businesses remain closed for the rest of the holiday weekend, and an emergency curfew was also implemented in nearby Taos.